Fresh Produce Update

Once again the warm weather has impacted several of our supply lines this week. Below is the latest fresh produce update to assist with your wholesale delivery needs.


Product Alert

Seedless watermelon is short and up in price
Cherry tomatoes have jumped in price due to the high demand and shortage in tomatoes
Cauliflowers jumped up again in price due to extreme heat
Dill is in extremely short supply – we couldn’t buy any in today


Fruit and Vegetable Seasonality
Apples Autumn
Bananas Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Blackberries Summer
Blueberries Summer
cherries Summer
Figs Autumn
Grapefruit Spring winter
Grapes Summer Autumn
Kiwi Fruit Autumn Winter
Lemons Spring Autumn Winter
Mandarins Winter
Melon Rockmelon Summer
Melon Honeydew Summer
Watermelon Summer Autumn
Nectarines Summer Autumn
Oranges Valencia Summer
Oranges Navel Spring Winter
Peaches Summer Autumn
Pears Autumn
plums Summer Autumn
Raspberries Summer
Strawberries Summer
Asparagus Spring Summer Autumn
Beans – quality and price can jump. Summer Autumn
Bean sprouts Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Beetroot Spring Summer Autumn
Broccoli Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Brussels sprouts Spring Winter
Cabbage Spring Summer Autumn
Capsicum – price is up and down due to heat wave and crop damage Summer
 Carrots Summer Autumn Winter
Cauliflower- short supply and expensive  








Celery Summer
Chillies Summer
Cucumbers Summer Autumn
Egg fruit Summer Autumn
Fennel Spring Winter
Leeks Spring Summer
Lettuce Summer Autumn
Mushrooms Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Peas Spring
Potatoes Autumn Winter
Pumpkins Summer Autumn
Rhubarb Spring Summer
Silver beet Spring Winter
Snow Peas Summer Autumn
Spring Onion Summer Autumn
Sweet corn Summer Autumn
Tomatoes – short supply and expensive Summer Autumn
 Turnips Summer Autumn
Zucchini Summer Autumn

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