Fresh Produce Update

Welcome to this week’s market update, where you can find information on pricing and availability of our wholes fruit & vegetable lines. The Framer’s gate are pleased to offer free wholesale produce delivery to the Sunshine Coast region seven days a week.

Fruit Update:

We are really moving into autumn this week, peaches (particularly yellow varieties) and nectarines are now virtually over. So, its plums, grapes, apples and pears for the fruit bowl.

  • In apples, we have a great offer on small and large Gala apples
  • With grapes we have red and green in stock – great eating
  • WBC pears in stock, the new season Packhams will take a while to ripen, so buy a few days ahead and leave them out of the fridge
  • Seedless melon has really come good with the weather
  • Strawberries are eating well, but at this stage of the crop the only cheap fruit tends to be the smaller fruit
  • Autumn raspberries are really good
  • Some stores are starting Hass avocados, however greenskin Shepards are still the most reliable and tasty fruit.

Vegie Update

It’s still a very firm market for most vegetables. Lebanese cucumbers, continental cucumbers, broccoli and broccolini are good supply and reasonably priced

  • Butternut pumpkin is eating very well
  • Corn has really come good in both quality and price
  • Okra and sweet potato are well supplied

All the herbs which suffered with intense heat have now come good, so we have plenty of top-quality coriander, dill and continental parsley again!

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