This Week’s Vegetarian Recipes – Saving Time for You!

Our new fresh fruit & veggies Vegetarian Dinner Pack, available for free Sunshine Coast delivery Wednesday 20th March, and Friday 22nd March. $60 for 6 vegetarian recipes, the veg for those dishes, a shopping list to complete the meals, and some fruit.

Vegetarian Dinner Shopping List Wednesday 20th March 2019
From the Pantry: Olive oil, butter, sugar, eggs, salt and pepper, flour

Mexican vegetable fritters
Self raising flour
2 tablespoons taco seasoning
2 x 125g cans corn kernels
1/2 cup sour cream

Sweet potato falafel bites
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice
Plain flour
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 cup Greek-style yoghurt

Haloumi hot dogs
4 hot dog rolls or small baguettes
200g haloumi
Sweet chilli sauce

Quick Thai noodle salad
200g thin flat rice noodles
Sesame oil
80g tube Gourmet Garden Thai stir in seasoning paste
400g soft tofu
Soy sauce
Maple flavoured cashews (optional)

One-minute vegetarian lettuce cups
3 x 125g Uncle Bens Mexican rice and bean cups
Sour cream
Grated cheddar
300g can corn kernels

Chilli-spiced pumpkin pearl couscous with haloumi
250g packet pearl couscous
Dried chilli flakes
225g haloumi
1/4 cup pepitas
White wine vinegar

Quick nutella mousse
100g dark chocolate
300 ml thickened cream
1/2 cup nutella
Flake bar

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