Seasonal Update

We’ve got great news when it comes to fruit and veg.  There are loads of strawberries in store – we haven’t seen prices like this since late January!

While the Imperial Mandarin season is ending, other varieties such as Sumo and Delite continue to shine.  Although there is plenty to be excited about, it’s still a mixed bag with veg such as broccoli and herbs continuing to battle rain and cooler than usual weather.

The peak time for Sumo citrus mandarins which are currently great value and being harvested in large volumes.

Hass avocado season continues, providing great value on these creamy favourites.

We now have an abundance of cauliflower and iceberg is now in plentiful supply, at the best prices we have seen in months.

Herb supply is still low compared to the seasonal norm owing to the cold and rainy weather.  We hope to see improvements in the next 3-4 weeks.